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Soporte Dinámico Industrial its a S.A. DE C.V. we are located in Zona Poniente #510, Col. Chapultepec, San Nicolás de los Garza, en Nuevo León, C.P. 66450.

Our phones: 0181-81009100 and 018007779100. One of the priorities of Soporte Dinámico Industrial, S.A. de C.V. is to respect the privacy of its users and keep the information and personal data it collects safe.

Likewise Soporte Dinámico Industrial will inform the user what type of data it collects, how it stores it, the purpose of the file, how it protects it, the scope of its commitment to confidentiality and the rights it holds as the owner of the information.


Information should be true and complete. The user will respond at all times for the data provided and in no case Soporte Dinamico Industrial will be responsible for the veracity of the same.

The information requested from the user on the site is:

  • Full name.
  • Company.
  • Job Title.
  • Email.
  • Phone.
  • Address.

Your personal data will be treated based on the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility in terms of the Legislation.


Sometimes this site may use cookies, which are small data files that are generated on your computer, and may send technical information without providing references to infer personal data from it.

You can configure your browser to notify and reject the installation of cookies sent by this site, without affecting the ability to access the contents. However, we are not responsible for the deactivation of the same prevent the proper functioning of the site.

In the case of use of cookies, the "help" button found in the toolbar of most browsers will tell you how to avoid accepting new cookies, how to make the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie or how to disable all cookies.


The requested information allows Soporte Dinámico Industrial contact the users when necessary to complete the procedures for contracting services or purchasing products.

Likewise Soporte Dinámico Industrial will use the information obtained to:

  • Procure an efficient service.
  • Inform about new products or services that are related to the one contracted or acquired by the client.
  • To comply with obligations to our customers.
  • Inform about changes of our products or services.
  • Provide a better service to the user.


Soporte Dinámico Industrial will implement the necessary tools for the protection of user information. The information is secured by a personal identification number, which only the user can access.

Once the data is received, we will do everything possible to safeguard your security in our systems.


In our notification program of promotions, offers and services through email, only Soporte Dinámico Industrial has access to the information collected. This type of advertising is done through notices and promotional email messages, which will only be sent to you and those contacts registered for such purpose, this indication may be modified at any time by sending an email to In the emails sent, offers from third parties that are our business partners may occasionally be included.


The area responsible for the management and administration of personal data is customer service is Ing. Angel Tomás Gutierrez, who can be contacted by email or directly at Zona Poniente #510, Col. Chapultepec, San Nicolás de los Garza, en Nuevo León, C.P. 66450. Our phones: 0181- 81009100 y 018007779100.


As the holder of personal data, the "User" may exercise the ARCO rights (access, cancellation, rectification and opposition to the processing of their personal data), or revoke the consent that has been granted to Soporte Dinámico Industrial, for the treatment of your personal data, sending your request directly to the email :

Said request must contain at least: (a) name and address or other means to communicate the response to your request; (b) documents that prove their identity or, where appropriate, legal representation; (c) the clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which you are requesting to exercise any of the ARCO rights, (d) the express statement to revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data and therefore, so that they are not used; (d) any other element that facilitates the location of personal data.

Your request must be accompanied by the reasons for requesting such revocation and an official identification of the owner of the data or of his agent. In a maximum term of 20 (twenty) business days we will attend your request and will inform you about the origin of the same through the email from which the request comes.

Soporte Dinámico Industrial asks the user to update their data every time they suffer some modification, since this will allow to provide an efficient and personalized service.


Soporte Dinámico Industrial it does not transfer data, it only makes referrals to comply with the legal obligations acquired with its customers.

The web page of Soporte Dinámico Industrial may contain links to pages, products and services of third parties.

The information collected by third parties, including location or contact information, is regulated by their respective privacy policies.

Any third party site with links from our website is not under the control of Soporte Dinámico Industrial and we are not responsible for its content.

The inclusion of any link in a website does not imply acceptance and endorsement by us of the content of said site, nor do they represent any kind of relationship between Soporte Dinámico Industrial and the owner of the website that can be accessed.

Soporte Dinámico Industrial will only share data when it has been required by court order to comply with the procedural provisions.


We reserve the right to make modifications or updates to this privacy notice at any time, for the attention of new legislation or jurisprudence, internal policies, new requirements for the provision or offering of our services or products and market practices.

These modifications will be available to the public through our website, section privacy notice.


This Privacy statement is subject to the terms and conditions of the website of Soporte Dinámico Industrial described above, which constitutes a legal agreement between the user and Soporte Dinámico Industrial.

If the user uses the services of Soporte Dinámico Industrial, it means that he has read, understood and agreed to the terms set out above.


If the user considers that their rights have been violated regarding the protection of personal data, they have the right to go to the corresponding authority to defend their exercise. The authority is “Instituto Federal de Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos” (IFAI), Its website:


Dear user, you are notified that the Privacy Notice has been modified on 03-03-2016.